Confirmed: Sony is Developing Longer Telephoto E-mount Lenses

The Current Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Lens

The Polish site Optyczne published an interesting interview with Sony that includes a few details about the potential future production of Sony medium format camera, Sony E-mount lenses and more. According to the interview, Sony is currently developing longer telephoto full frame E-mount mirrorless lenses, and Sony has no plan to announce a medium format camera in the near future.

You can read the key points below (Translated by Google):

Are you going to enter the market with a medium format camera?

HS: We produce medium format matrices for other companies, but we are not currently planning to create such a system.

What are the plans for introducing new professional lenses in E? Long telephoto lenses are missing.

YN: There are a lot of lenses that we have to produce. We need professional lenses not only for sports photography, but also for portrait or landscape photography. At first we focused on small models such as 55 mm f / 1.8. After the launch of the α7R II, there are many requests for zoom-f / 2.8, hence the launches of 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 G Master. In turn, after launching α9, customers expect longer telephoto lenses and we intend to develop our offer step by step. What is not so easy because the user expectations are very high.

Why did not you decide to use the rotatable display in α9, such as the α99 II?

YI: In case of α9 priority was given to us the size and strength of the tilting mechanism used. However, we understand the needs of consumers and perhaps we will use another mechanism in the future.

Is it possible to increase the functionality of the touch screen in α9?

YI: Technically possible. However, we are getting a lot of requests for new features, not just a touch screen. At the moment this is not our priority.

How do you think the future of bayonet A?

KT: Holders of Sony A-mount hardware are loyal customers, but the E bayonet market is growing dynamically.

YN: We will never give up the production of type A lenses. Honestly, most customers are expecting an E-series premiere, which is getting bigger and bigger. And it is now our priority. At present, the offer of lenses A is in our opinion suitable for photography. Bagels A and E will continue to coexist


Is there a plan to create a G Master lens line for APS-C cameras?

YN: If we produce high-end APS-C lenses, maybe we will include them in the G Master series. However, this line was designed for full-frame cameras.

You can read the full interview at Optyczne.

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via: Optyczne & SAR