Three new Sony APS-C Lenses Coming: 11mm f/1.8, 15mm f/1.4 & 10-20mm f/4

The previous report said Sony will soon announce three new APS-C E-mount lenses. Now, according to the latest rumors, the upcoming three new Sony APS-C Lenses are: 11mm f/1.8, 15mm f/1.4 and 10-20mm f/4.

  • 11mm f/1.8 (17mm in Full Frame equivalent terms)
  • 15mm f/1.4 (22mm in Full Frame equivalent terms)
  • 10-20mm f/4 (15-30mm in Full Frame equivalent terms)

These three Sony’s APS-C lenses are all wide-angle lenses – the new 10-20mm F4 zoom lens is very lightweight and compact, so it seems to be very useful not only for travel but also for vlog.

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