Sony’s “Baby a1” Leaked! Pro APS-C Sports & Wildlife Camera!

SAR has reported a new high-end APS-C Sony is coming. That’s exciting news that could change buying decisions, especially for photographers looking for the ultimate in sports and wildlife photography.

Tony Northrup believes Sony could be making their version of a Nikon D500 or Canon 7D II – a professional-grade APS-C camera with top-end autofocus and a high frames per second. Just like the D500 was the “Baby D5“, this new camera (which Tony is calling a Sony a6900 or Sony a1000) would be the “Baby a1”. It would provide a higher pixel density in the center of the frame, making it superior for scenarios like wildlife where you always have to crop, anyway.

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Sony a1 body: $6,498 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

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Via: Tony & Chelsea Northrup