Sony Interview at CP+ 2019: New “Enthusiast” APS-C Camera is Coming!

At CP+ 2019 Imaging Resource had an interview with the Sony manager. Sony manager Kenji Tanaka confirms in interview that a new enthusiast APS-C mirrorless camera is coming soon! It is highly likely that this new “enthusiast” APS-C camera could be the rumored Sony a6700/a7000.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

KT: Yeah, I think you’re right, and we have the opportunity to develop a type of enthusiast APS-C model, and the enthusiasts, especially the US ones are waiting for this type of model.

Of course we are trying to expand the APS-C series of cameras. That maybe implies not only one product.

But we’re focusing on sports and we’re focusing on the APS-C area.

Yes, we have a one-mount strategy. So we are trying to increase our APS-C customers; it’s very easy for people to go up and down [between sensor sizes]. Full-frame users can easily use a sub camera, and our APS-C camera customers can very easily go up to our full-frame mirrorless.

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Via: Image Resource