Sony FE 24mm f/1.4 GM Lens Review: “It is a new Masterpiece from Sony”

Marc Alhadeff at Sony Alpha Blog has published the review for Sony FE 24mm f/1.4 GM Lens (tested on the 42MP Sony A7R III): “The Sony 24mm F1.4 GM ($1,398 at Amazon, B&HAdorama) is a new masterpiece from Sony and well deserve its GM label.”

Conclusion From Sony Alpha Blog:

The Sony 24mm F1.4 GM is a new masterpiece from Sony and well deserve its GM label. It is certainly one of the best 24mm if we consider all criteria together

  • Excellent sharpness wide open across the full field, even wide open (Note : for close distance corners are “only” very good at F1.4/F2)
  • Fast and accurate AF with very good Eye AF performance
  • Small and light
  • Excellent bokeh and very smooth background blur
  • Fast Aperture : F1.4 : perfect for low light
  • Very small focusing distance + F1.4 = perfect for small depth of field
  • Very good contrast and 3D effect at F1.4 for people portraits
  • No field curvature
  • Very low distorsion
  • Very low coma (suited for Astrophotography)
  • Suited for video thanks to click less aperture ring
  • Very good color rendition (but Zeiss Loxia 25mm F2.4 is excellent)
  • Very well built, weather sealed

There are however a few area where it is not “perfect”

  • Very small amount of CA
  • Resistance to flare is good but not excellent
  • Vignetting at F1.4 & F2 (a future Lightroom Lens profile will correct it)
  • Price (but in line with GM price range)

The lens is very versatile and will be the perfect choice for landscape, street photography, , low light, architecture, people reportage, full body portraits, astrophotography, and this  both in photo and in video.

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