New Sony 102MP IMX555CQR Full Frame Sensor with 6K Video Leaked

In addition to the new Sony 60MP IMX455AQR sensor with 8k video, another new Sony 102MP IMX555CQR Full Frame sensor with 6K video leaked online.

IMX555CQR sensor features:

  • 102MP, 12288 x 8192
  • A pixel binning mode for 12bit 6K video
  • 4K RGB 4:4:4 video with on-chip colour-aware binning
  • 10fps

This 12288 x 8192 100MP sensor employs a unique, CFA-based column-parallel ADC design:

This 100MP sensor performs better than A7 III in terms of dynamic range, sensitivity (QE) and readout speed.

It’s a sensor designed for stills camera with video capability, and the key video spec is 4K RGB 444 with 3×3 colour-aware binning, nothing is thrown away.

In addition, the upcoming Sony a9 II and Sony a7R IV could use the Sony IMX555CQR sensor.

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