Sony Will Release 12 more E-mount Lenses Soon

The Sony Photokina 2018 press conference is over but they didn’t directly announce anything…But, Sony announced that they will release 12 more E-mount lenses in the near future, bringing the total to 60.

In addition, Sony announced that they are working on artificial intelligence (AI) technology and on updating the Eye AF to to detect and track eyes of animals – sounds great for both wildlife and pet photography.

Sony Photokina 2018 Key Points:

  • Sony has the #1 share of the full frame market in the world
  • They’re #1 in mirrorless share in the world.
  • Sony is #1 when it comes to sensor manufacturing and EVF manufacturing
  • The resolution of the full frame sensor has gone beyond what 35mm film is capable of doing.
  • Their new XA lens elements are designed to achieve high surface precision
  • The E mount system has 48 lenses
  • Sony will be adding more lenses to the system to make it up to 60 in the near future. They didn’t say what lenses are coming though.
  • Sony’s Eye AF is more advanced than those from other companies’.
  • Eye AF is coming to animals soon

Watch the Sony Photokina 2018 Press Event Video:

Via: SonyAlphaRumors