Sony Currently Has No Plan for Medium Format Mirrorless Cameras

In a recent interview with Photolari, Sony engineers and managers confirmed that they currently have no plan to announce a medium format mirrorless camera. And Sony claims that they do have have all the necessary technology and capability to make a medium format mirrorless camera, but now is not the right time, currently they are quite busy on the Sony a9 and a7 series full frame mirrorless system.

From Photolari:

Although the team of engineers and managers of Sony who has submitted to the round of questions has avoided giving details of future developments – we can not comment on that , it is the most repeated response in this type of encounters – it has been ruled out the possibility of launch a medium format camera. At least for now.

And it is that the spokespersons of the company have ensured that they have the necessary technology and components and that, if they decide to bet on this market, they could produce a medium format camera.

However – they have qualified the top managers of Sony’s image division – now is not the time, because it is not just about launching a body, but creating a system, with optics, accessories, users …

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Via: Photolari